Bryan Ma


I'm a new media developer/designer, a recent Eyebeam project resident, an adjunct lecturer at Parsons School of Design where I teach creative code/experimental interfaces/game programming, and a creative technologist at museum design firm Gallagher & Associates.

Recently I've been programming shaders and hardware for installations, curating exhibitions and producing events, writing silly Twitter bots, exploring semantic networks, developing/destroying raycasting engines, "breaking" randomness, and playing with polygons. I also help out on committees like the Global Game Jam and sometimes make arcade cabinets for my friends' bars.

With a background in the humanities, I have been working in design and technology since 2006 when I started in the videogame industry. I was a producer and later senior designer for 2K Games's Shanghai studio, where I worked on dozens of projects including international AAA collaborations and internally developed new platform titles. Expanding to interaction design and creative code in 2011, I studied at CIID, the University of Sydney, and Parsons MFADT.

Email me for access to my portfolio, or find me in the usual places as @whoisbma!

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